Will the World Come Together and Fight Coronavirus?

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Ever so often in this thing we call life, there is something that throws a wrench in our progress. Today, we are faced with an event that may become the talking point of this new decade. In China, and countries surrounding China, the Wuhan Coronavirus continues to escalate. We don’t know what the outcome of this virus is going to be. All indications, at least to me, are that this virus is getting worse. How bad it gets is not known. The reason for this is that China really isn’t being forthcoming about what this virus is doing in the country. we have no way of knowing this. We can take the official numbers out of China, but these are probably not the actual numbers of people infected, dead, or recovered.

While the numbers of cases in other parts of the world especially the Western world are small, these numbers may change over time. Again, we have no way of knowing what this virus is going to do. We may not be able to contain it. During the Spanish Flu, we were not able to contain that outbreak, and it had to play out. While our medical system is certainly vastly superior to that time, viruses can be tricky to deal with.

Governments have shown us time and time again that we cannot rely on them to help us. They do their best in situations such as this but often failed miserably. We see this during hurricanes, earthquakes, and other dangerous situations. The government is simply not equipped to deal with this type of emergency. Often, it’s the individual that has to prepare themselves for the emergency. The government does eventually come in, but by this time, things are much worse. After these events, it’s the people that end up having to look after themselves for the vast majority of the time. Red tape, bureaucracy, and the usual ineptness of government make the situation worse.

The world has faced problems before. We had to rebuild after World War II. We had the horrors of 9/11 to deal with. it seems only in these dire situations is the world capable of coming together. Perhaps this new virus can bring us together as people and change this world for the better. I would really like to see this happen. We’ve taken this planet for granted for far too long.

Mother Nature has a way of correcting itself. It’s always done this in the past, and it will continue to do this in the future. We continue to treat this planet in a very poor way. Viruses and diseases are a way for the planet self corrects itself. We all share one thing in common. We are all citizens of this planet. It doesn’t matter where we live. It doesn’t matter whether we are Chinese, European, American, South American, and so on. We are all citizens of the planet. It is time for us to look after this planet. Perhaps this virus will be that wake-up call.

Maybe it will wake us out of our combined stupor. Perhaps this virus will show us that we are not in control of the planet. Our home is the only home we have. If we do not come together, we do not get a second chance.

The Martians — dead! … slain, after all man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in His wisdom, has put upon this earth. War of the Worlds HG Wells

it’s time for governments around the world to forget the petty squabbles. It’s time to look at all of us as one. we are all a part of humanity. It is time for governments to get together and work on this crisis. This virus may burn itself out, but others will replace it. Perhaps in the future, we will have one that is even more virulent than this one. we cannot keep going as a species on this world the way we are now.

I am reminded of the movie War of the Worlds. An alien civilization attacked Earth. They had all the technology in the world. They were vastly superior to anything that we had. In the end, they were killed by simple viruses and bacteria. All of that technology could not defeat the simplest of things. Our technology today may not save us. We must work together, and we must heal this planet. This virus shows us that we are losing control and in the end, if we do not change our ways, the planet wins.

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at : https://www.lamacraftwritingservices.com/

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