Or… You could just create a new female action star instead of taking an established brand and destroying it. I hate to break it to you but white masculinity isn’t going away. Oh wait, we are all racists now, how silly of me. personally, I could give a rat’s ass what you do to James Bond. Have at it. 95% of what Hollywood produces these days is complete shit.

But, if we were to have a white male play a black role, you would lose your shit. I could see the protests now, you would burn down cites and never stop crying. I think when the next war comes all the “toxic” males should sit back drink beer and let you all fight it yourself. Now, that would be hilarious.

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at : https://www.lamacraftwritingservices.com/

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