My Poor Experiences with Modern Cannabis

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First experiences with cannabis occurred when I was a teenager in the 80s. While I was smoking marijuana, I never had any bad experiences. Smoking it was enjoyable even when I combined it with drinking alcohol. As I get older, I am finding that my body is no longer able to tolerate cannabis. Here are some tips for first-time smokers do you know what you’re getting into when you try cannabis. You may not have the symptoms that I experienced but you should be aware of what cannabis can possibly do to you if you’re not prepared for it.

I have had several experiences with modern cannabis, and most of them have been quite unpleasant. In fact, my experiences have been so bad that I don’t think I will ever use cannabis again. I don’t know why this is the case because it never impacted me in my youth.

It might be because marijuana is a lot more potent today, and there are different strains. my body just doesn’t seem to be able to handle cannabis in any shape or form. here’s a little bit about what I experienced. I have smoked some cannabis and taking edibles that didn’t give me symptoms, but I’m starting to experience more negative symptoms then positive ones when I try cannabis.

You might say these symptoms are simply being high. I know that these symptoms are not really associated with being high because what I experienced was well above what I’ve ever experienced while being high. These symptoms are severe and acute, and I never want to experience them again.

I have had several instances with cannabis where I experienced severe dizziness. while I did have a couple of beers with the small amount of cannabis I took I still experienced severe dizziness. on one occasion I simply had a puff off of a pipe. On another occasion, I ate a cannabis cookie. On both of these occasions, the dizziness I experienced from the cannabis was severe. It might have been the combination of the alcohol and the cannabis, but the alcohol I consumed was minimal. This dizziness was so bad I was almost unable to stand up, and I had to go home early from the bar.

Another symptom I experienced when taking cannabis was severe sweating. This is well beyond anything normal as the water was literally pouring off of my head, and my back and arms were also soaked. This is after only taking a small amount of cannabis and one or two alcoholic drinks. I looked like I had just run a marathon and this sweating continued for a couple of hours.

Another symptom I experienced is an elevated heart rate. This is the symptom that concerns me the most. This is probably the main reason why I’m going to stop taking cannabis in any shape or form. For whatever reason, when I take it, my heart rate tends to elevate to a level that I’m just not comfortable with. My last experience was quite severe in terms of my heart rate after only ingesting a small cannabis edible. It might have been the strength of the cannabis in the edible, but people that took the same edible do not have the experience that I did. This leads me to believe that my body is simply not able to handle cannabis any longer, and it’s best that I avoid it.

Another symptom I experienced while taking cannabis was nausea. While I didn’t quite get to the point that I certainly felt like I was going to throw up. This is only after a couple of beers and a small amount of cannabis. This is not a symptom that I want to experience again. I can drink several beers or other beverages and never experience nausea.

While I know that cannabis can cause dry mouth, I experience dry mouth that was quite severe. I had difficulty making it go away even after drinking several glasses of water. it lasted for several hours and made my enjoyment of cannabis a negative one.

These are only my symptoms, and you may not even experience them when taking cannabis. You should still take cannabis in small amounts, especially if you’re first starting out. This means that you should only have one puff on a joint and then evaluate how you feel. If you’re taking an edible, have half of the edible or even less and then evaluate how you feel.

You simply don’t know how cannabis is going to impact you. I think that if you are younger it probably won’t impact you as much, but if you are older, you may have more negative experiences. If your body is not used to taking cannabis you could have severe reactions to it. It seems that my body just does not tolerate cannabis any longer even though I smoked it quite frequently when I was younger.

If you’re going to smoke cannabis for the first time and make sure others are there with you. I was very thankful to have friends with me at the bar so they could get me back to the car or to the taxi so I could get home. I would not have been able to do this without my friends there as I was simply too wrecked from the cannabis. You don’t want to risk your health and well-being if cannabis happens to have a negative reaction with you. Make sure you party with others and that you have a way to get home whether from a sober driver or you can also take a taxi or a bus to get home.

if you’ve never taken cannabis before I would avoid taking it with alcohol for the first time, you simply don’t know how the cannabis is going to react with your system if you have also taken alcohol with cannabis. Never drink a large amount of alcohol and then take cannabis because you will probably have a negative reaction. It’s best to smoke or ingest a little bit of cannabis and then have a drink or two if you feel fine. You should stop drinking if you have a more severe reaction to cannabis.

I’m a little disappointed with my reactions to cannabis. I never thought I would have these experiences with cannabis because I haven’t had them in the past. It just goes to show you that not everyone can tolerate cannabis, and you have to take your time with the drug to realize your limits. Perhaps I need to switch to a very low dosage of cannabis to get any enjoyment out of it, or I might not be able to take it at all. It just seems that whenever I use cannabis I end up having very negative reactions to it. If you’re going to use cannabis, listen to your body and use it responsibly just like you would use alcohol.

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at :

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