Just a tool to just kill? Explain why my brother-in-law who has tons of rifles has never killed anyone? In fact, he hunts and shoots targets. My nephew works in a gun store and nope, he as never killed anyone. A knife can cut meat but you can also carve out a man’s guts if you want. A baseball bat can hit a ball or you can grind a man’s head to a pulp with it. A firearm is a tool. Yes, it can kill but so can any other tool if the person using that tool intends to do that. Soldiers use guns as a tool. They use it to defend themselves and to kill the enemy. Medieval soldiers used swords as a tool for defense and to kill the enemy.

A gun is a tool. Anything can kill. Two hands can. Shall we chop those off so you feel safe? Lots of cars on the road. Most drive responsibly. Shall we eliminate all of them since a few don’t drive well or drive while impaired? Facts are your friend.

So if you have a gun and someone breaks into your home to rape your wife and kill your child, you’re supposed to sit there and twiddle your thumbs?

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at : https://www.lamacraftwritingservices.com/

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