Benefits of Home Staging to Sell Your Home

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Selling your home can be a difficult process, but this can be made easier with home staging. If you have tried to sell your home in the past, but failed, you might want to look into home staging as a way to increase the chances that your home is sold successfully. Here are some benefits of home staging and statistics that you need to be aware of before you decide if home staging is right for you.

What exactly is Home Staging?

Buyers can have a hard time visualizing what a home is going to look like to them when they finally buy it. Many homes can be cluttered or just not look that nice to potential buyers. When you use home staging the home is cleaned up to look presentable to any potential buyer. This increases the chances that the home is going to sell. In essence, the buyer can “visualize” themselves living in the home when you use home staging to present the home in the best possible light for any potential buyer. No one wants to look at a home that is cluttered or doesn’t look as good as it can be so home staging can create that “first impression” on any potential buyers.

A home stager will come to the home and make a recommendation as to any changes that need to be made to the home to help it sell. For example, clutter is often a problem of furniture may not be arranged in an attractive way. The home stager can present the home in the best way to buyers. A home that looks clean is more appealing to a potential buyer as this is a potential place that the buyer is going to live in. A clean and attractive home creates a positive impression in the mind of the buyer, whereas a home that doesn’t look attractive to the buyer says to the buyer that the home isn’t well looked after and may have problems which cause concern for the buyer right away.

Some Things That a Home Stager May Address in the Home

· Address clutter and clean up areas of the home

· Arrange furniture so it’s more attractive in the home or add pieces to the home to add appeal

· Address problems with lighting in the home so it looks more attractive to a buyer

· Remove furniture and store off-site prior to having the house home staged if it doesn’t fit

· Rearrange accessories and art in the house so it has more appeal to buyers

· Make book cabinets, mantels, cabinets and so on more attractive

· Offer repair, cleaning and painting suggestions to the owner to add home appeal

· Offer cosmetic changes which are inexpensive

Some home stagers may bring in entire furniture sets and rearrange things from top to bottom during a home stage. Repairs can be done, painting done or lights can be changed, but this all depends on the services offered by the home stager.

In all cases, the budget, needs of the client and the timeframe are the deciding factors in what the home stager will do to the home prior to the home stage taking place. A home stager understands that the changes to the home are all geared towards adding to the marketability of the home as this is the primary goal of the home stager. Any concerns of the home seller can be addressed by the home stager so the home is showcased according to the wishes of the seller. The staging work is done so the home is sold faster and that more money can be obtained from the sale for the home seller. The house is home staged so the house is more appealing a wider range of potential buyers which increases the chances that a quick sale can be obtained. Just like anything you’re trying to sell, you want that item to look its best so home staging addresses issues with the home and showcases the home in the best possible light for any potential buyers.

There are many reasons why you want to use home staging to sell your home. Here are some important ones to keep in mind.

· Faster sale — many buyers are in a rush and they want to find a good home to live in. By using home staging this leaves the buyer with a good first impression of the home and they are more likely to put in an offer on the home because it looks nice.

· More money — If a home looks good this can increase the price that a buyer is willing to pay for the home because they don’t want to lose the sale to someone else. This can create a bidding war and bring you more income from your home because it looks great to the potential buyer.

· Presents the best features of the home — Most homes have some great features, but these can be overlooked by buyers. By using home staging the best features of the home can be highlighted by the home stager. For example, you may have a great bathroom in the home or a nice kitchen. By staging these rooms to look their best it adds excitement for the buyer and increases the like hood that the home will be sold.

· First Impressions — It’s true, those first impressions matter. By using home staging your home is going to look its best and this puts a positive message in the mind of the buyer. If the home is cluttered or doesn’t look nice the buyer will second guess if they even want to put in an offer for the home.

· Fix small issues — You may have small issues which are impacting the sale of the home. A home stager can address these issues so they have less impact on any home sale. For example, adding some paint to a room can make it look brand new. A few plants or a change of furniture can add more appeal to a buyer. A picture can highlight a room and add attractiveness to that room.

49n percent of realtors say that most buyers are affected by home staging to some degree and 47 percent of them say that some of the buyers are impacted by home staging.

· 81% of buyers can visualize a home as their own when you use home staging

· 46% of buyers are willing to walk through a home they viewed online

· 45% have a positive impression on the value of the home if its decorated nicely

· 28% of buyers will overlook faults in a home if it looks nice to them

· The median cost to stage a home is only $675 dollars

· 44% of realtors say to declutter not home stage

· 4% of realtors only home stage high bracket homes

· 5% of them don’t home stage at all

· 13% will home stage if it’s a difficult home to sell

· 34% will home stage any home

· 62% of realtors offer staging services of some kind

In order of importance for each room in the house when using home staging:

· Living room

· Kitchen

· Master bedroom

· Dining room

· Bathroom

· Children’s room

· Guest bedroom

· 9% are not sure

· 0% say negative impact on home value

· 10% no impact on the value

· 37% say 1–5% increase in value

· 22% say 6–10% increase in value

· 8% say 11–15% increase in value

· 4% say 16–20% increase in value

If you want to sell your home now and get more money for the home, it makes sense to work with a professional home stager. If you’re having difficulty selling your home or are not sure about how to best present the home to potential buyers, then a home stager can help you get the most out of your home and increase the likelihood that you’ll get a sale and the money you desire from selling your home.

A home stager is able to address key issues with the home that may be holding back the sale of the home. Your home can be presented by the home stager in the best possible light and create the first impression on buyers which is essential to them in making a purchasing decision. By having the home look its best you may get an offer on the home right away and more offers coming in. It can create a bidding war and increase the amount of money that you’ll get for your home.

Your home is worth more than you realize and you may be throwing away money if you don’t home stage. You can increase the amount of the money you get from a sale by using home staging services as this makes the home appear to be worth more since it looks nice to the buyer.

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