Before you bite my head off, I’m not a Trump supporter as I’m Canadian if I was an American I wouldn't vote for him. What the president indicated is that there are criminals, drug addicts, and other people coming across the border. He never said ALL Mexicans are this way. The ICE agents routinely stop tons of drugs, sex traffickers, etc.. at the border as that is their job. No one wants ALL immigrants sent back. Don’t know why you think this way. Are their racists that support Trump? Absolutely. To think that everyone that supports him is somehow a racist is idiotic and dangerous. There are tons of Hispanic ICE agents are they are racist? America is broke it can’t afford to feed or care for anyone else. There are thousands on the streets in LA and San Fran living in their own poop. If Democrat solution is completely open borders the entire system will collapse. There are black, white, Chinese, Hindu, Latino, etc.. They all support the president. I guess they are all racist too. The democrats need to go back to the party of JFK.

Brian is an online writer and blogger. In his spare time, he plays guitar and goes camping. Visit him at :

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